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a humble dining experience

Incoho brings a relaxed feel to professional cooking. With the help of local farmers, our chefs will prepare quality, seasonal food right before you.

two ways to dine


ready when you are

•  fresh pastries

•  3-4 menu options

•  fast and healthy


enjoy the process

• 4-6 course sit-down meal

•  chef’s selected menu

•  reservation only

Open Table Diners' Choice Award Winners (2019 & 2020)

join us for dinner

Our family-style dinner experience is available at 7pm every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The single seating time allows us to walk every guest through each unique dish on the chef’s selected menu.

Since the menu is preset, be sure to notify us of any dietary restrictions.
A reservation is required to attend.


The Standard

Incoho bridges the gap between table and kitchen

St. Catharines Street

Incoho is a new must-try foodie spot in downtown

The Sound

Incoho: A Welcome Addition to Downtown


Incoho /ˈin.ko.hōː/   noun.

1. New Beginnings.

Every meal is a fresh start.

We love the challenge of using local and seasonal ingredients. It drives our creativity in the kitchen and allows us to partner with local farmers.

A humble dining experience.

Join us for a new dining experience that bridges the gap between our kitchen and your table. We are excited to share the passion and emotion we put into every plate.

Bringing a new balance.

The life of a chef is often characterized by long hours and a stressful work environment. We believe in creating a balanced daily routine for our chefs to redefine the standard.